Makeup Tip Monday: The little things in life.

To me, it's the little things that can really make my day. The elevator at work opening just as I am about to press the button, a fresh cup of coffee, a text from coach to tell me good morning. Lately, the little things have been wearing pink, anything pink. So obviously my objective this weekend was to do so. Friday night, I went out with the amazing ladies from my church small group and had a grand ole time. We ended up at a nail salon after dinner and everyone got manis, it was so fun! I ended up with hot pink nails.


And then Saturday night, coach picked me up to take me out on a date. When I asked him where we were going, his response was vague and the look on his face told me he hadn't decided yet. This was great news because all day I thought about the MAC counter at the mall and how they probably have the perfect shade of pink lipgloss just waiting there for me. So I said to him, Let's go to the mall and buy lipgloss! Of course, he obliged because love means going to the mall to buy lipgloss on a Saturday night. I ended up with MAC's 'Partial to Pink', it was exactly what I was looking for. Then we saw 'Safe Haven' and it was terrible and I cried.

We all need a good gloss to wear everyday. Today I didn't wear a stitch of makeup except for this gloss.


Yesterday we went to beautiful Radnor lake for a little walk after church. I knew I'd end up putting my hair in a ponytail so I brought along my pink Emi Jay hair-tie. I love these things! I bought some at Therapy Systems in Green Hills mall last summer and they've become some of my favorite accessories.


Okay so that's all.

What are the little things that make you feel pretty?