Cute Accessory Alert: Bullet Earrings

I've always prided myself on my shootin' skills. Daddy and Pappy taught me when I was really young and I got (gave myself) the nickname "Di-Annie Oakley" clever right? Anyway. A few months ago, I saw the cutest bullet earrings on etsy and I knew I had to have them. But then I forgot I had to have them until Tim and I went to the beach last month. We were perusing the shops in Rosemary Beach where I found these and couldn't leave without them!

photo 2

Lets talk about my facial hair. Okay let's not but I've already started drafting a post titled "Chin Hairs, Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People". Be on the lookout for that.

Whatever, the earrings are really cute right?! Love them. Good old Smith and Wesson Federals.

photo 1(Thanks for the photos Vicky Reddish!)

What are some of your favorite accessories you've found lately?