If you've been following my blog or instagram account for any amount of time, you know that I love my coffee. I have at least two cups a day, and while I love everything about my daily coffee, I do not love the coffee stains on my teeth. Lately, it's been really bothering me but I can't use the whitestrips from the store because my teeth are so sensitive. That's why I was so excited when Smile Brilliant reached out to partner with me. I couldn't wait to give this at home whitening system a try! 

It's such a great system, I received custom-fitted teeth whitening trays that I made myself at home. I loved being able to do these molds at home because in high school, I had my teeth professionally whitened at the dentist and it was such a hassle! It was so great to be able to have custom-fitted trays without leaving the house! I usually whiten for an hour in the evenings while I wash and blow-dry my hair and then I follow it up with the desensitizing gel for 15 minutes. Even after the first time I whitened with this system, I could see the coffee stains fading!

I seriously loved how easy this was and although I typically smile without showing my teeth, I think I might start flashing those pearly whites alot more now that they're getting so bright! I'm only 4 sessions in so I can't wait to see how white they get! And here I am acting like a dork while my husband takes my photo..

Pink lipgloss + white teeth = the perfect combination

Check out my before and after!