Christmas Morning Breakfast

It would be amazing if Santa would just leave us Chick-fil-a in our stockings on Christmas morning but he seems to overlook that on my list every year. In the fun and excitement of Christmas morning, breakfast is often something that can be overlooked. Well today, I thought I’d share a couple of our Christmas morning breakfast traditions because they involve a lot of bacon and nothing makes opening gifts around the fire better than a side of bacon.

Every Christmas morning that I can remember, my mom would make us bacon pinwheels. So of course, I make them myself when Tim and I are on our own on Christmas morning and I’ll make them for our little June Belle someday too. And to compliment the bacon pinwheels, I also make a side of bacon crackers :) But, don’t worry, it’s not all bacon around our house on Christmas morning. I usually make Landyn’s french toast bake or I cheat and grab some of the Immaculate Baking Company cinnamon rolls (they’re the best!) that way we have a little sweet to go with our savory. Clearly, healthy eating is a top priority on December 25th.


The bacon crackers are simple but they do take some time to bake so you’ll want to pop them in first thing. I’ll show you the steps and the full recipe is at the end of the post.


Lay out a sleeve of crackers on cooling racks on a cookie sheet and sprinkle each with a teaspoon of parmesan cheese.


Cut a pound of bacon in half and wrap each cracker in half a slice of bacon. Bake on 250° for 2 hours.


The pinwheels take less time, just four ingredients: crescent rolls, sour cream, garlic powder and duh, bacon.


First, you unroll the crescent rolls and flatten either with a rolling pin or your (clean) hands. You want two rectangles.


Spread on a layer of sour cream.


Sprinkle on the garlic powder and crumbled bacon and then roll up the dough.

ACS_0140 2.JPG

Once you have both rectangles rolled, cut them each into 12 pieces and place on an ungreased cookie sheet. Bake at 350° for 9-11 minutes.


Serve these delicious bites to your family in the living room while they’re opening presents and they’ll think you’re better than Santa himself.


Bacon Crackers

Total Cook Time: 2 hours (cook time) 30 minutes (prep time)

Makes 36 crackers


1 sleeve of club crackers

1 pound of bacon

Grated parmesan cheese


-Preheat oven to 250°

-Lay out a sleeve of crackers on cooling racks on a cookie sheet

-Sprinkle each cracker with a teaspoon of parmesan cheese

-Cut a pound of bacon in half and wrap each cracker in half a slice of bacon

-Bake on 250° for 2 hours

Gigi’s Bacon Pinwheels

Total Cook Time: 30 minutes (prep) 9-11 minutes (cook time)

Makes 24 pinwheels


-2 cans of crescent rolls ( I prefer Annie’s)

-1 pound of cooked bacon, crumbled

-1 cup of sour cream

-1/8 teaspoon of garlic powder


-Preheat oven to 350°

-Unroll the crescent rolls and flatten either with a rolling pin or your (clean) hands - you want two rectangles

-Spread a layer of sour cream on each rectangle

-Sprinkle garlic powder on each rectangle

-Sprinkle crumbled bacon on each rectangle

-Roll up each rectangle and slice into 12 pieces - place on ungreased cookie sheet

-Bake at 350° for 9-11 minutes

A Tennessee Pretty Gender Reveal

Hey Tennessee Pretties! I'm currently writing a post with an update on all things pregnancy but first, I wanted to share our gender reveal. 

We were headed to the beach right for family vacation after our ultrasound so we dropped off the sonogram with my friend Lizzie of Copper Whisk Cakes and she made the most amazing cake! Her sister (and my friend), Meg, was coming to the beach with us so she graciously brought the cake on the trip. 


The cake was absolutely perfect. And we sliced the cake to find...


The most gorgeous PINK sprinkles! It's a girl! We're over the moon. And in all of the excitement, we forgot to take a photo with everyone who was actually there for the reveal. But we did manage to take a photo of everyone we facetimed with because it was hilarious. 


Let the fun begin! Bring on the nursery decor and all the cutesy outfits!



The Best Sugar Cookies

I've always loved baking cutout sugar cookies. I love rolling out the dough and piping on the icing.  And while I've mastered the actual cookie part, I had yet to figure out the perfect consistency for the icing. I had never been able to get it perfectly smooth and they never would dry properly. But this weekend, it happened. I figured it out thanks to Sally's Baking Addiction.


She had a very helpful video listed in her recipe that helped me to see the consistency that the royal icing needed to be and that was the gamechanger for me. The best part is that with this recipe, you don't have to make two versions of icing - a thick one for outlining and a thinner one for filling in. This is the perfect texture for outlining and filling in. 


Her recipe doesn't call for it, but I added a dash of clear almond extract because I'm obsessed with almond extract and it's also in the cookie itself. The cookie recipe that I absolutely love is from Bake at 350. And don't forget about the Fancy Sprinkles. They're v important.


Now that I've got the icing figured out, I have decided to dedicate my life to proper piping technique and making pretty cookies all of the time. Because I've got plenty of time for that, right? 



My favorite beauty products of 2017

We're a week into 2018 but I want to share my favorite products from 2017. It seems like I tried out a lot of new things last year and so many of them were huge hits. It's always a little nerve-wracking when I discover another product that I can't live without because I'm always thinking that they could discontinue it at any minute - have I mentioned that I'm a worrier? But never-the-less, here is my list of can't live withouts from 2017. 


1. Invisibobble Hair Rings - these are my new favorite hair ties! They don't leave a crease and they're so darn cute!

2.  Kate Somerville Tight'N Cryogenic - this stuff is definitely a splurge but my face has never been smoother! I wear it day and night.

3. Oribe Dry Texture Spray - one of my top favorite hair products ever, this texturizing spray is powder light and gives my hair body and, of course, texture!

4. Smashbox Liquid Lip - a pigmented gloss, liquid lip has a great texture and stays on even after drinking my afternoon La Croix. 

5. IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better - I wear this CC cream everyday instead of foundation. Great coverage, lightweight and SPF 50. I've loved everything I've tried from IT Cosmetics.

6. Tarte Drink of H2O - I am always trying to combat my oily skin and I read something somewhere that a gel moisturizer is the way to go if you've got excess face oil. I've noticed a little difference but my skin is still pretty shiny throughout the day but I really like this moisturizer!

7. IT Cosmetics Pressed Powder - if you're looking for a great setting powder, this is the best one I've tried in a while.

8. Fabuloso Platinum Blonde - if you've got blonde hair, this stuff is a must. It keeps the brassy tones at bay and smells amazing. 

9. Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara - my top criteria for mascara is easy removability. My second criteria is that it doesn't smudge under my eyes and my third criteria is volume. This mascara meets all of my criteria. 

10. Tarte Shape Tape - this is by far my favorite product from 2017. It's my under eye concealer and it stays on all day long! I can't recommend this stuff enough.

11. Browfood Aqua Brow Powder - this aqua powder is so easy to apply and fills in brows in a hurry.

Have you guys tried any of these too?



Shape Tape / Oribe Dry Texture Spray / Invisibobble Hair Rings / IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better / IT Cosmetics Pressed Powder / Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara / Kate Somerville Tight'N Cryogenic / Tarte Drink of H2O / Fabuloso Platinum Blonde / Browfood Aqua Brow Powder / Smashbox Liquid Lip 

Thanksgiving Recap - Hosting on a budget

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love hosting people in my home. I may not have a big formal dining room or table settings for 18, but I do have a folding table, mismatched chairs and cute paper dessert plates that I picked up at TJMaxx. You don't have to be fancy to pull off a pretty Thanksgiving! So today on the blog, I'm gonna get real with y'all and give you the 'story beyond the instagrams', if you will.


I spent $20 on some greenery from Trader Joe's and I probably could have gotten away with less. I had a ton leftover! (Not pictured: red and green solo cups).


I took all of the little pumpkins I had leftover from October and used them as place cards or actually, place pumpkins. I bought paper napkins and copper plasticware from Target.


The moral of the story, you don't have to have the best of things to make the best memories. I love to get creative and make things pretty but I have no doubt that Thanksgiving day would have been just as good without the extra $40 I spent on a few things for the table.