How to turn 30

It was a day that I dreaded for months. I knew it was coming but I really didn't want it to. I don't know exactly why I was so adamant about staying in my twenties forever but aging into a new decade seemed overwhelming in the worst way possible.

It felt like my life was going by too fast and soon I would be 60. I watched my close friends turn 30 gracefully and that made me feel weird because I was seriously affected. And then I worried there were going to be a lot of responsibilities with being in my thirties. I was afraid that people will actually expect me to have it all together and get a dog and have a baby and then there's all of the confusion that I feel when I go to the mall because I have no idea what a 30-year-old wears.

So the only logical way to cope with all these feelings was to have a pizza party with pepperoni pizza, cookie cake, custom koozies and a photobooth with a giant piece of pizza to celebrate. Obviously.

This was probably one of my top 5 favorite nights of my life and I'm so grateful for everyone who came! My best friend came from Ohio and my house was filled with almost all of my best friends and favorite people. And then two days later, we went to the beach where our dear friends Danielle and Jonathan met us for a few days, also a top 5 favorite memory.

It was the most magical week and when I woke up on my birthday, I realized that as long as I have all of my people with me, getting older isn't so bad.



The one small change I made that helped my creativity

I like to be super productive on Sundays but yesterday for some reason, I left the laundry in a pile and I didn't clean the floors. What I did check off of my list yesterday (besides a really good nap) was creating a new workspace.

I found that I wasn't really using my old workspace. It was cute but it was in a drab guest room that doesn't have alot of natural light so I would always just set up my laptop or lettering supplies in the dining room. Not to mention, it's where all of our candlemaking supplies are stored and the room doesn't feel super organized. It's kind of become the catch-all room so no matter what I do to make it feel inspiring, it's just too dark and cluttered. Here's what it looked like:


Cute right? But I could probably count on one hand the number of times I've actually gone in there to work in the past several months.

So I decided to move my desk into this little nook in our master bedroom because I love our bedroom and it's become a little sanctuary for me. And once I got everything set up, I didn't leave this spot for hours.

Having a cozy space to work in, especially if you're working at home, is so important because when you're trying to be creative, the last thing you want to do is look around and see all of the other things you need to get done. Now when I sit at this desk, I don't have to think about the disorganization behind me and my mind is free to blog, hand-letter and be inspired.

The other great thing about this workspace move is that I've decided to also use it as a vanity so I can do my makeup in the natural light. I'm sure Tim will be happy that my makeup brushes and eye shadows won't be all over the bathroom counter anymore.

So, if you're in a creative rut, re-think your workspace. It could make all the difference!

Do you have a workspace you love? I'd love to see it! Post it on instagram using the hashtag #prettydelightful.




My Kitchen Design Inspiration

When Tim and I bought our house in October, we knew we'd have our work cut out for us. Besides all of the walls needing a fresh coat of paint and all of the 1998 original light fixtures, our kitchen looks like one those 'before' kitchens on Fixer-Upper.

So, Tim and I are starting to dream and scheme about what we want to do with the kitchen. We're torn between a total renovation and tearing down walls or just doing some cosmetic changes to bring it into the 21st century. No matter what road we choose, I've got a pretty idea of the look I'm going for.

(Photo Sources Below)

(Photo Sources Below)

1. Navy and Gold. I have been googling images of navy kitchen cabinets for months so it's safe to say I'm obsessed. We're working with a pretty small space however, so there's a chance they'll feel too dark and my dreams will be squashed.

2. Herringbone Back-Splash. The herringbone pattern just feels delicate and timeless.

3. Church Window Wooden Chandelier. Everything that comes out of Magnolia Market is beautiful and this chandelier is no exception. I'd love to have two of these hanging above a big island (if we go the reno route).

4. Apron Front Farmhouse Sink. An absolute staple in my future kitchen because if I have to do dishes, this is where I want to be doing them.

5. Classic White Stove. Have ya'll heard of Big Chill? They've got the most gorgeous classic and retro appliances in every color imaginable. I'm in love with the classic white with gold accents. I would love to add this to my kitchen!

6. Coffee Bar. Our kitchen will definitely have a nook dedicated only to coffee. I love the coffee bars that Joanna Gaines puts in some of her houses and honestly it just makes sense.

7. Bronze Faucet. Have you ever shopped online for a faucet? They look really strange when they're not attached to a sink. But anyway, bronze is an obvious choice with our color scheme.

8. Wood Grain Tile. I would say that one major thing that our house did come with were the hardwood floors. They look great and I love the color. However, in our lovely kitchen, there are no hardwoods. There are only hideous, large tiles with stained grout that I've spent hours on end scrubbing. So, because it would be nearly impossible to match the kitchen floor with the hardwood floor it's attached to, my first choice is to go with a gray wood-grain tile. We had this kind of tile in our apartment and I loved it.

Re-doing any room in the house can be overwhelming, especially the kitchen because of it's many details. But I love having a blank canvas to make my own!



Photo Sources: Navy Cabinetry/Herringbone Tile/Chandelier/Sink/Stove/Coffee Bar/Faucet/Tile

It's not too late.

*Minted provided our Christmas cards free of charge, but the opinions below are completely mine. I love Minted!

Being the fantastic procrastinator that I am, I kept putting off getting photos taken for a Christmas card, which means I was also procrastinating ordering our Christmas cards! When I realized that Christmas was in fact on the 25th of December this year (*joke) I was in a hurry to get things done. But thanks to my incredible photographer cousin, Brittany, who also makes emergency house calls and Minted, I was able to make Christmas cards happen in less than a week. 

How precious are these cards? I was tickled pink when I saw all of the beautiful moving announcement/Christmas card options. And being able to easily add my photo in the beginning of my search on Minted allowed me to see my photo in each option as I was browsing. Since I have a hard time making such decisions, this feature on their site helped me narrow things down pretty quickly.

I loved being able to customize the back of the card as well. I added the photo above because it's inspired by an old photo of my grandparents. This is the perk of a cousin photographer. I'm obsessed with all things holly and red and green this Christmas (who isn't?) so I just adore this background pattern. The colors printed so rich and beautifully!

I can't wait to get these mailed out! And, if you're like me and you've waited until the last minute, it's not too late! Minted is offering FREE expedited shipping! So what are you waiting for?!

Speaking of procrastination, our company Christmas party is tomorrow and I still don't know what to wear. I guess I'll be at the mall after work! Do they make medicine for procrastination? If so, I need a prescription.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thanksgiving 2015

So sorry I haven't been blogging lately! Between moving and getting settled in, I haven't had much time. But now I'm back! And I can't wait to show you all we've been doing around the house! But first, Thanksgiving.

We weren't afraid to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving. That's why a deer and pumpkins were found side by side on our front porch. The pumpkins are now fertilizing our garden. I kicked those out as soon as Black Friday came.

Tim painted the shutters a few weeks ago. I'm in love. And the shutters are cool too.

Anyway, Tim and I had the honor of hosting our very first Thanksgiving! I feel like I was born for hosting. I had too much fun. And may have taken my job a little too seriously but I think everyone had a good time ;).

I got all of my decorations from Target! I loved lettering on these card stock place mats. I also made a tassel banner out of tissue paper.

Tim made the turkey and it was gorgeous. I didn't get a chance to take a picture before he started carving it and then I cried. Not really.

Because my husband is the poultry specialist, I made an apple pie and mashed potatoes. I tripled the recipe for the mashed potatoes. But I really only needed the single recipe. Potatoes for dayz.

Everyone brought a dish, we had so much delicious food!

I love this dining room table. Mainly because I love gathering around it with people I love! On Thanksgiving, we ate here, Black Friday shopped here, played games here and sat around it until 2 a.m.

I call that one successful Thanksgiving. I didn't want it to be over!

Oh yea, the tablecloth was from Target also! I thought it was too cute!

Then Friday we woke up (at 10A) to go shopping. It was memorable because I found two dollars in the parking lot. Did anyone else buy presents for themselves on Black Friday? Me neither. Except everything you see pictured below.

Now let's be in Christmas mode okay?!