My Current Skin Care Regimen

I feel like I write this in every blog post, but I'll say it again. I want to delay aging as long as possible. But who doesn't? The main way I stay proactive about anti-aging is obviously with my skin care regimen - my other ways include lots of prayer and a savings envelope for my future botox injections. But since the products I've been using have been working pretty well for me this year, I wanted to tell y'all about them!

Morning Routine:

Step 1: Purity Made Simple Cleanser - This has been a staple in my day for several years now. It's hands-down my favorite cleanser and it's great for sensitive skin. I use it both morning and night and it works like a charm at removing my makeup! Pro-Tip: I just got an AMAZING deal on this stuff at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I got everything pictured above for $55!! So if you're a Nordstrom Rewards Member (did you know they have a debit card?) you can get early access on this deal. If not, hopefully this deal is still around for you when the sale officially starts.

Step 2: tarte Drink of H20 Hydrating Boost Moisturizer - I have oily skin and I saw on a youtube vlog somewhere that it's best to use a gel moisturizer under your makeup rather than a cream. The gal I was watching used this Tarte moisturizer so I ran to sephora and got some samples of a few different kinds to try them out and this was by-far the best. It's light and wears really well under my makeup.

Step 3: IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream - One of my favorites on instagram Hunter Schleicher posted about this on her insta story one day so I knew I had to try it and OMG IT'S AMAZING. I use this instead of tinted moisturizer and foundation and it has the perfect amount of coverage and wears really well! Y'all need to go get a sample of this stuff.

Evening Routine: 

Step 1: Coconut Oil - I use coconut oil remove my waterproof mascara. 

Step 2: Purity Made Simple Cleanser - I don't just use this in the morning! It's great for taking off the day. 

Step 3: Neocutis Riche Bio-Restorative Skin Balm - My amazing sister-in-law is my skincare guru and she introduced me to this stuff years ago. Before I started using this, I had a lot of redness on my face and over time, it's disappeared and I owe it all to this moisturizer.

Step 4: Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift - This eye mask works wonders for dark circles and puffiness!

Step 5a: Retin-A - I call this 'Step 5a' because I don't use this everyday. I put it on every other day all over to help with cell turnover on my face. I got mine from my dermatologist and I recommend that you talk to yours before using Retin-A. 

Step 5b: Mario Badescu Drying Lotion - I use this on the days when I'm not applying Retin-A but I have a pimple that I'd like to get rid of. I just dab some on each individual blemish before I go to sleep and it definitely helps get rid of them. 

And that's it! Hope that helps any of you who are trying to establish your regimen! 

Comment below with your skincare faves. 





My New Favorite Thursday Routine

A couple of months ago, I realized that I really enjoyed having someone else blow-dry my hair. This didn't really come as a shock to me because washing and drying my hair are huge pain points in my day-to-day life. And then I realized that I really enjoy sweating, in a sauna. But I don't enjoy sweating anytime I'm not in a sauna. So, when I realized that the Sweathouse was right across from The Dry House in Green Hills, I realized one more thing, my destiny. 

What is the Sweathouse, you ask? Well, you can read about the many benefits here but I'll tell you, it's such a relaxing 30 minutes and I leave feeling so great! I heard about this from another one of my favorite instagrammers to follow - Mallory Ervin. She raves about it so I knew I had to give it a shot!

So I lay in this little pod, turn on a meditation on the Calm app on my phone and just sweat away. I always feel so great afterwards!

Then, when I'm finished sweating I literally cross the street to go to The Dry House for a blowout. Because I'm worth it. 

The Dry House is a great experience from the second I walk in and I always walk out feeling gorgeous. The products that they use smell like heaven and the best part is that I don't have to wash/dry/style my hair for like five days! That's a huge win for me. 

What are your favorite ways to treat yourself?




Easter Table on the Cheap

I absolutely LOVE to host holidays. Like really. I love it. So as soon as I knew my family was coming down from Ohio, I grabbed all of the pink things I could find around my house and bought some of that easter grass from Target. 


I had pretty much everything in this photo which is proof that you don't have to break the bank to make a pretty party. The pink cups are from Ikea, the polka dot placemats are from Hobby Lobby and the pink teapot was something that my Nana gave me from my Aunt Wilma. 

How amazing are these speckled malted milk eggs! I snagged them at Williams Sonoma and I can't find them on the website but I just got them this weekend so they should still have them. 

I did buy these big golden eggs and bunny candle holders at Target. I'm telling you, I spent next to nothing on this table.

I also ran into Fresh Market (my all time favorite store) and picked up some pink drinks. I know my sweet little cousins will love sipping on some pink lemonade before the egg hunt!

How adorable is this little dish?! I also picked this up at Target. 

Now I just need to add mac and cheese, deviled eggs and my family. I can't wait until Sunday!

Moral of the story, a pretty table doesn't have to cost much. Just go shopping in your cupboard!



12 Nashville Instagrammers You Need To Follow

Instagram is where I find inspiration for most everything. And it just so happens that my favorite accounts are from the Nashville area! Make sure you pretty up your feed with these 12 instagrammers.

1. @livingwithlandyn - Landyn does it all. She gives inspiration for my closet, my home decor, my meal plan and even my marriage. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 7.25.39 PM.png

2. @alexisteichmiller - Alexis will inspire you to work hard and go on adventures and she has the cutest outfit for every occasion.

Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 7.30.10 PM.png

3. @malloryervin - Mallory is so. much. fun. Her insta stories are my favorite and I love her style. And I love when she posts a makeup tutorial on youtube because this girl is good!

Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 7.38.30 PM.png

4. @goldwilldigger - Betsy has an amazing gift of finding incredible clothes at Goodwill. The outfits she puts together on a dime are to die for!

5. @pizzazzerie - This gal knows how to throw a party. Talk about inspiration!

6. @hunterschleicher - I love following Hunter and seeing her Nashville adventures. She knows all the cool spots and her style is always on point!

7. @thehomeedit - I'm a girl who loves to organize so The Home Edit's feed is what my dreams are made of. 

8. @mrsparanjape - She has green cabinets and shiplap in her kitchen and every time she posts a new space she designed I die. 

9. @brittanywood - Each of Brittany's photos tell a story. Her photos capture her family in such a beautiful way! Follow her for all the photography inspo.

10. @atadmorefaith - I love Taylor Ann's style and grace. Follow her for fashion inspiration!

11. @thenashvilleguide - This is my go-to guide when I'm trying to figure out where to eat/have fun.

12. @tennesseepretty - Shameless, I know. But follow me and I promise I will try my best not to only post pictures with unicorns in them. 

So those are my 12 favorite Nashville instagrammers! What are your favorite accounts? Comment below!